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Yoshio B 

Man, this is hard for me to accept the fact that you are really gone. I grew up and fell in love with “Free Willy 1,2,3” that was my only favorite movies I’d watch growing up and also made me fall in love with orcas. And I remember as a kid I’ll want to go to seaworld just because of the movies. And it sucks that I was to young and doing what young kids do that I didn’t notice that you had passed away. Now that I’m older and I can understand the concept of the movies and all, I felt like I was part of the movies, like i was there with you, Keiko and James. And like i said now that I’m older I comprehend it but sucks that I didn’t get to meet you and Keiko in person. I feel like the reason Keiko (Willy) passed away that same year you did, was to be with you. And it hurt so bad knowing that both of you guys are really gone but not for ever, because we will meet one day you and Keiko. And this past Tuesday we went to seaworld cause my cousin came down to visit and that just reminded me of the awesome childhood I had because of you and Keiko, felt like you Willy and Jesse where my best friend In real life. And every time Michael Jackson’s will you be there and childhood come up I start to tear up. This is reall hard on me I wish you didn’t go such and early year for me. Because I wouldn’t know that you would of been in “Grey’s anatomy Or even do that intro for that 2009 nba playoff when the lakers took it home. Hopefully one of these day i could visit you and Keiko’s Restig site. I’m trying not to Tear up as I’m writing this and I Know that you never knew who I was but I like to say thank you and appreciate what you have done for us all. God bless you/soul and your family. Sending My Condolences. - Love You

Linda Tatem Email

I enjoyed Mr August Schellenberg in many films and selfishly I wish I could tell him personally. One day I will be able accomplish this. Bless his family.
Linda White Dove

Monica Creason 

I'm deeply sadden by hearing about his passing and I loved his role in all the Free Willy movies. May you rest in peace and I'm sending my condolences to the family.

Adam Jensen Email

It's so sad that I didn't know August Schellenberg passed away I thought he would've been making more movies like free willy 3 or something R.I.P you will be missed 
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