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August Schellenberg

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Sarah Jaundrill 

To the great August Schellenberg,

You were an amazing actor in the Free Willy films.
You will be sadly missed by all.
You were truly amazing!

Sarah Jaundrill (England)

Andrew Email

I have a deep respect for Mr. Schellenberg and was especially touched and affected by his role of Chomina in Black Robe, a role acted so powerfully that I can not watch the movie without being moved.

That is special legacy from a special actor and a beautiful person.

Sandra Schrimscher Email

I just want to say I think August is an amazing actor.  Thanks for free willy my all time favorite movies all three of them.  
                         Sandi Schrimscher

Barbara Widmeyer 

I meant Augustine and his wife about 15 years ago we got stuck in a snowstorm and ice on route 66 in a Motel
I got to know them both they were very nice people
correspondEd back and forth during the holidays for a while if you happel to read this Joan I'm very sorry for your loss

truly yours Barbara wid Meyer

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